Collages from recipe cards on A4 paper, 2012-16 with moptop156.jpg
Raftsman with moptop
Therapy copy_v2.jpg
Trampolin the Funfair022 copy_v2.jpg
At the funfair
Jogging copy_v2.jpg
Sermon Chase.jpg
The chase copy_v2.jpg
Smoking the Campfire020_v2.jpg
El Mariachi Mirror023 copy_v2.jpg
Foggy mirror Little Rabbit018 copy_v2.jpg
Run, little rabbit! copy_v2.jpg
Angry old lady
Interior copy_v2.jpg
Manouevre copy_v2.jpg
Attack copy_v2.jpg
Brood Off038 copy_v2.jpg
The leap Morning, Berghain.jpg
Monday morning, Berghain copy_v2.jpg
Dinnertime copy_v2.jpg
Hesitation Cock024 copy_v2.jpg
Giant cock Up034 copy_v2.jpg
Cheer up!
Winter Mushrooms037.jpg
Poisonous mushrooms Eye for an Eye053.jpg
An eye for an eye